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Outer space

Helsinki | Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki

Betty Fvck"s Circus
Outer space

Circus – Drag – Burlesque

For Halloween 2020, Betty Fvck welcomes you to a journey to the Moon and further to the Deep Space. This Variety show of Circus, Drag and Burlesque exists beyond Earth and between celestial bodies. Are you ready to join our journey? This will be ticket of a lifetime!

In our journey you will see the most mesmerizing and breathe-taking performances from our circus, burlesque and drag artists. This will be an epic and one-of-a-kind experience for your Halloween. Take your companies with and buy group tickets with special offers.

As you are on the Space, wear it in style! Best costume prize for audience wearing Space inspired costumes.

Duration about 2,5 h, including intermission
Age limit: K12

The event follows the safety instructions for COVID-19.

The project is supported by Helsinki City.

About Betty Fvck"s Queerlesque
Betty Fvck"s Queerlesque represents Diversity, Boldness and Queer. Welcome to the Queer World of Burlesque, Boylesque, Draglesque, Circus and much more. The Queerlesque Show provides a safe space for diverse queer art and culture in Helsinki. We are fighting against homophobia, transphobia and racism in art and society.

About Betty Fvck
Betty Fvck is an award-winning drag artist based in Helsinki and the producer of Betty Fvck"s Queerlesque . They have performed in 12 countries and appeared in over 50 editorials and TV programmes in the last 4 years. They aspire to bring the art and joy of Queerlesque to the world and to inspire people the beauty of gender-bending art. They are a voice of POC (people of color) and a change-agent for liberation in terms of gender and body positivity.

Tickets: 29-37 €, Lippu.fi

Lippuja myydään vain rajoitetulle yleisömäärälle, reiluin turvavälein. Ennakkojärjestelyillä ja tehostetuilla hygieniaratkaisuilla pyritään takaamaan kaikille osallistujille mahdollisimman turvallinen konserttitapahtuma.


  • la 31.10. klo 20


Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki




Kasarmikatu 46–48





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